AFC's Annual Exhibit

Artists for Conservation's annual exhibit is the world's top conservation-themed art show and has become one of the most highly anticipated annual events among the nature-inspired art genres. The goal of the exhibit is:

1) To support conservation through art sales and education;
2) To showcase the extraordinary pool of artistic talent within AFC; and
3) To share the nature-inspired art genre with new audiences.

Unique to the exhibit, each artwork is dedicated to a conservation organization of the artists choice, with at least 40% of the proceeds from the sale of each painting support conservation initiatives around the world, including AFC's art and environmental education programs. AFC delivers this programming directly through partner venues and offers its youth-oriented art and environmental education programmin as a value-add component to its tour venues.

The AFC Festival tour travels to Lanwan Art Museum in Lanwan Eco Art Park, Qingdao City, China. Tour dates: Oct 19 - Dec 31, 2019. Lanwan Art Museum in Lanwan Eco Art Park, Qingdao City, China. AFC artists attending: Pete Marshall (Australia), Jonathan Truss (UK) and Zhang Dongguang (China). This is AFC's second tour to Lanwan Art Museum in Lanwan Eco Art Park, Qingdao City, China. Twelve artists attended the tour in August 2017.

AFC's 10th annual Festival will be held at the VanDusen Botanical Garden, Vancouver, BC from Oct 1 -4th, 2020. Virtual programs will also be avaliable online and on Facebook.  Visit the Festival website for information.

AFC's 2018/2019 Festival was held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada at the Vancouver Convention Centre. 

AFC unveiled the "Silent Skies" mural project at the 2018 Festival. The mural is collaborative project by 150 AFC member artists around the globe. The 100-ft super-mural featuring all 678 endangered species of birds. Browse the mural online. The mural is available for tour.

Since 2011, AFC's annual exhibit has premiered every fall in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The exhibit is the centrepeice of AFC's annual marquee event - the Artists for Conservation Festival. Prior to 2011, the exhibit was hosted at the Hiram Blauvelt Art Museum in Oradell, NJ, USA.

Each year since 2008, as a companion to the exhibit, AFC publishes a harcover book featuring the artworks from the year's exhibit. The annual exhibit features approximately 200 artworks selected from submissions by Signature Members of Artists for Conservation. These are featured in AFC's annual book and virtual exhibit online. Of these, approximately 1/2 are selected for display in AFC's live exhibit.

Associated content (including AFC's documentary films, educational displays, merchandise) and youth-oriented art and environmental educational programming, is available for tour/display at cultural, scientific and educational institutions. 

Exhibit & Festival Tour Inquiries

AFC's annual exhibit and associated content (including AFC's documentary films, Silent Skies mural, guest lectures, educational displays, merchandise and workshops) and youth-oriented art and environmental educational programming, is available for tour/display at cultural, scientific and educational institutions. Please email for more details or call Jeff Whiting 778-340-0749.

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Silent Skies Mural 

In 2018 Artists for Conservation launched Silent Skies - a 100-ft super-mural project, featuring the 678 endangered species of birds, as recognized on the IUCN Red List. More than 160 AFC artists from 15 countries participated in the project. Leading professional artists from around the world took part in this important collaborative project to bring much needed attention and support to the challenges facing birds today. 

The installation was first unveiled in August 2018 in Vancouver, BC at the 27th International Ornithological Congress - the world's most important event in bird studies, held every four years since 1884. A virtual representation of the mural along with a complete list of participating artists can be viewed online.


The mural is available for international tour in multiple options for indoor and outdoor installations and in original or replica format. Please email for more details or call Jeff Whiting 778-340-0749.

Virtual Exhibit

In 2019, AFC launched a new virtual exhibit online. 2020 Exibit is coming this fall.


Judging Process

We have attempted to establish the fairest and most inclusive jurying system possible to remove any bias among members of the jury toward each other’s work, or towards any particular artist or style. In addition, we wanted to ensure that the jury can include AFC artists without precluding them from participating. To this end, the jury process is accomplished through a grading and ranking system. Following are the key elements of the process we use to ensure maximum fairness and objectivity:

  • Signatures or other identity markings are removed from each image seen by the jury.
  • Jurying is based on a simple average scoring system (1-5) that produces an overall ranking of artworks.
  • Members of the jury remain anonymous to one another until after the scores are determined.
  • Any juror who enters work of their own, abstains from grading their own work. Their scoring can therefore not impact the average score. Due to the anonymity of the judging process co-jurors cannot be influenced in their grading of a fellow juror’s work.
  • The average of all scores determines the final score of each artwork, from which a ranked list of artworks is derived and artwork is selected for inclusion in the exhibit. Medals of Excellence and Best-in-Show are also determined from the ranked list.
  • The jury is composed of a balance of AFC artists, board members and industry/genre experts including museum curators, and industry publishers.

For more information about AFC's annual exhibit and tour please contact us at  778.340.0749 or


The Artists for Conservation Exhibit is open to Signature Members of Artists for Conservation. For information about joining AFC as an artist member, please visit our membership application page.

Past Exhibits

For those interested, we have posted a descriptive essay along with photos, and video footage of previous exhibits opening weekends.

  • The Art of Conservation 2010


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