AFC's "Portraits of the Planet" Films

Artists for Conservation produces a series of documentary films titled "Portraits of the Planet". Each film highlights different way art and artists are making a difference to save wildlife and wild places around the world.

Art & Conservation in the Caymans


This short film (~22 mins) features an international expedition of painters and sculptors led by renowned marine artist and conservationist Guy Harvey, through an underwater tropical Eden. Experience an artistic adventure in one of the world's most pristine and spectacular diving locations. Join the artists as they seek close encounters with gregarious stingrays, critically endangered sea turtles, massive marlin and invasive lion fish. Learn how a Caymanian marine biologist-turned-artist is championing international marine conservation efforts and how an international group of artists is working to help protect an underwater paradise and share it with the world before it is lost.Featuring AFC artists Brent Cooke, Lorna Hamilton, Dr. Guy Harvey, Dianne Munkittrick, Betsy Popp, Frank Walsh, and Jeffrey Whiting

The Soysambu Legacy (2012)


In 2012, AFC will premiere its second inspiring documentary film "The Soysambu Legacy: Art and Conservation in Africa's Rift Valley" exclusively at the 2nd Artist for Conservation Festival! In Africa's Great Rift Valley  is a 48,000 acre ranch called Soysambu, cradled between some of Kenya's most spectacular natural landmarks. Experience Africa and the story of one of the world's most successful wildlife painters who fought to conserve endangered species and one of Kenya's most precious and unique areas. The film tells the remarkable story of the passion of Simon Combes, who was tragically killed in 2004 by a charging Cape Buffalo, doing what he loved, and how his son Guy and widow Kat are bravely carrying on his legacy through art and conservation activism. Learn more about Soysambu Conservancy.

How an Artist Saved the Mountain Gorilla (2011)


How an Artist Saved the Mountain Gorilla is a fascinating film on the relationship between art and conservation, wrapped in an exciting journey that sees two artists retrace the footsteps of legendary explorer Carl Akeley deep into the Virunga Mountains in Rwanda and the Congo, to uncover the mysteries of the man who is credited with saving the Mountain Gorilla from extinction and founding Africa's first National Park nearly 100 years ago. AFC's first documentary film featuring AFC artists Stephen Quinn & Jeffrey Whiting

See the Expedition Teaser clip that was presented during the 2011 Explorer's Club Gala.


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